Financing your van

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Van finance usually requires a deposit, typically 10-20% of the value of the vehicle. Manufacturer?s finance offers are typically less generous than for cars and may be limited to Hire Purchase agreements.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase loans have regular repayments over the agreed term. At the end of the loan agreement the borrower owns the van outright. There are no mileage restrictions, although some lenders may restrict usage of the vehicle.


Contract Hire

Lease Purchase and PCP are not readily available for van finance. Contract Hire is a popular alternative to minimise the monthly payments due. However there will usually be mileage restrictions and the van is not owned by the company. At the end of the agreement it is returned to the finance provider. Finance Lease also has lower monthly payments, however at the end of the agreement the borrower takes the profit or loss on the sale of the vehicle.