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Are you looking for the Cheapest Personal Loans?, competitive Personal Contract Plans (PCP), Personal or Business Contract Hire or Lease Purchase?

O% & low rate manufacturer special finance offers are available through our service on the purchase on any 1st registered vehicle (subject to the manufacture running the offer).

How to obtain manufacturer special finance offers:

Select the vehicle you require, then click the "Cash Buyers" arrow, when you get to (Step 3) you can set your finance conditions. You do this by simply specifying what you require in the “other comments" box at the bottom of step 3”, this may include manufacturers special offers. UK main franchised dealers will then compete against each other to win your business.

Below are the different car finance products in the UK car finance market. For a private individual, the lowest APR for car finance is a cheap personal loan.

PCP - Personal Contract Plan*

PCP - Keep your monthly payments lower than a personal loan. Simply pay a deposit of your choice and balance the remainder over 24-48 Months with a pre-set guaranteed future value. At the end of the term you can either buy the car at this guaranteed future value (usually 40% of the original car value) or simply give it back.

More information on PCP and how to get a PCP quote.

Personal Loans

There are two types of Personal Loans available in the market today.

1) Personal unsecured loan - Available from your local bank or at much more competitive rates from online specialists.

2) Personal secured Loan - Similar to the above that can be obtained for a longer period and is secured against your home.

To apply for a Cheap Personal Loan up-to £15,000, enter the amount required on the right and click "Get A Rate".

Personal Contract Hire *

Personal Contract Hire, as its name suggests, is essentially the same as Contract Hire but for private individuals. If you want fixed cost motoring, or have opted out of a company car scheme then Personal Contract Hire could provide you with hassle free motoring without the residual value risks associated with traditional ownership.

VAT is not reclaimable by private individuals. Maintenance packages are usually available at an additional cost so that you can have totally fixed costs for your motoring.

More information on Contract Hire and how to get a Contract Hire quote.

Contract Hire *

  • Lower risk for your business - The vehicle is returned at the end of the contract, avoiding any depreciation or disposal risks.
  • Improved cash flow control - Rentals are fixed, therefore you are protected from fluctuations in interest rates.
  • Better balance sheet - You don't own the vehicle, therefore your balance sheet ratios may be improved and the VAT is reflected in lower rental costs. Your business will benefit from writing down allowances/lower rentals.
  • Reclaim VAT - If it is for private use the VAT recovery on the finance element is restricted to 50% (although a proportion may be charged to Profit and Loss). VAT recovery on the service element remains 100% regardless.
  • Protect your capital budgets - Contract Hire rentals are treated as a revenue item, leaving your capital budgets unaffected.
  • Rentals chargeable against taxable profits - Rentals are chargeable against your taxable profits so it may be possible to reduce your tax liability, (restrictions apply).
  • Replacement vehicles - Peace of  mind, in the event of accident or breakdown replacement vehicles are possible.

More information on Contract Hire and how to get a Contract Hire quote.

Lease purchase *

Similar to hire purchase, lease purchase offers greater flexibility, with repayments structured around your business's cash flow situation.

After the initial deposit, repayments are made monthly and a percentage of the original cost of the car can be deferred to the end of the agreement, as a 'balloon' payment. A 'balloon' payment is a final lump sum, which is based on the car's estimated future value.  You can make the balloon payment and keep the car - or part exchange it, using any surplus amount after making the final repayment, towards a deposit on your next vehicle.

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*Finance is provided, subject to status, by our finance partners. We would recommend you confirm your finance eligibility prior to placing an order Click here to get a Free Credit Report. Our fee is based on the vehicle RRP and is included in the Max Price indicated, you can view fee information here. For PCP - Personal Contract Plan, Lease or Hire Purchase agreements our fee is pre authorised prior to running the auction, if you achieve all your vehicle purchase conditions. If you place an order with us for finance and you are rejected on finance our fee will not be refundable. The fee will be charged (authorised) once you have selected to go ahead with a winning offer and the offer has been re confirmed.

AutoeBid limited is a credit broker ref (550131) and not a lender, to apply, you must be at least 18 years old and a UK resident (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

For PCP, Lease or Hire Purchase agreements, if you exceed the agreed contract mileage, there will be an excess mileage charge which will not exceed 23p per mile. In addition, you will be liable to pay for any accidental damage to the vehicle or excess wear and tear, with regard to its age and mileage. While free delivery is included to all UK main land locations on all vehicles. Due to FCA regulations you will have to sign the finance documentation on licensed premises (usually the location of the supplying dealer).