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BMW 4 SERIES 420i xDrive SE 2d [Business Media] £31,655 £26,113 £5,541

What if there was a way to get the best new car discount or new van discount in the UK by getting dealers together and have them compete against each other to give you the best new car discount on a new car or new van?

We started Auto eBid back in 2003 to do exactly that, because no matter how hard we negotiated, we felt that we never got the best new car deals. Driving away from the showroom with the feeling that you could have got a better new car discount always took away some of the pleasure of buying a new car.

So, how does Auto eBid work? Easy! Choose your new car or new van and build it to your own specification, using our online tool. Immediately you will see its RRP and the Auto eBid savings you will make. Our unique reverse auction process enables dealers to compete online with each other to further lower the price that you actually pay for your new car or van getting you the best new car deals.

You will be buying your new car with total peace of mind directly from a UK dealer, you can specify either a UK main franchised dealer, new car broker or allow all main dealers and brokers: all the benefits of buying a new car on-line combined with the reliability of traditional new car dealers.

If you want to find your closest dealer, visit our New Car & Van Dealer Directory.

NEW CAR PRICE COMPARISON: Only AutoeBid let you compare new car prices in an instant. Our Max Price is calculated using over 100,000 new car prices every week, we set the Max Price to the lowest new car pricing available in the UK. Our system can also let you compare any new cars side by side.

HELP ME CHOOSE A NEW CAR: Try using our “Advanced new car search” tools. You can search for new cars within your budgets, lifestyle choices such as comfort, safety, styling, handling, depreciation and economy. In addition, you can search for any new car by CO2, Body styles, engine size, fuel type and transmission type.

NEW VAN DISCOUNT: AutoeBid has the best new van discount on all new vans in the UK, including popular models.

NEW CAR SPECIAL OFFERS: We can help you take advantage of any new car special offers including special finance offers such as cheap pcp deals, new car loans, 0% new car offers and low interest rate deals. Simply state any conditions of your purchase in Step 3 of your order.

HOW TO BUY NEW CARS ONLINE: Auto eBid provides the easiest way to buy any new car online at the lowest possible price. We provide all the research tools you would need to help you decide on the right new car for you in addition to how to get the most out of your local new car dealer without needing to buy your new car from your local dealer at a higher price.

2015 NEW CAR DEALS: As most new cars are to order and take on average 12 weeks from order, it is important to plan ahead and get your new car order in at least 12 weeks prior to the date you require delivery. The current 15 reg plate applies to every new car registered from now until the end of August 2015, from the 1st September 2015 the new 65 registration plate will apply. Certain manufacturers have a restriction on the allocation they provide their new car dealers, therefore certain new car manufacturers such as Audi, Land Rover, Skoda and Mercedes have lead times of 6 months + on certain models, therefore you would need to place your new car order now to get your new car delivered on the next new 2015 64 registration plate.