Bmw background and Bmw deals news

BMW sold 658,237 cars last year, making it the 7th most popular manufacturer in the UK. Their best-selling model is the 3 Series, with over 40,024 cars registered. A good choice for BMW 3 Series buyers in 2016 is the 320D M Sport Auto, which combines luxury, performance and efficiency.

BMW is an acronym of Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works in English. Founded in 1916, the engineering firm’s area of expertise included production of V12 engines for Austro-Daimler. The famous BMW emblem takes its origins in the aeronautical history and the colours of the state of Bavaria. The company built its first motorcycle in 1923, followed by the first BMW car in 1927. Soon it began producing advanced sports and luxury saloon models.

It was in 1916 that it offered a dividend to its shareholders for a first time, a tradition that has continued ever since. In 1994, BMW acquired the UK Rover Group. Unable to make Rover fit within the BMW spirit, it sold it to its then management. However, it retained Land Rover, Mini and a several other small brands. The BMW brand is now one of the world's most profitable brands. Today, it produces a vast range of models to satisfy the most varied and demanding taste. From the 1 series, a sport hatch premium launched in 2004 to the 7 Series, its flagship luxury saloon, the company has combined performances, elegance and dynamics in each of its models. The launch of the X6, a combination of coupe and SUV, shows it continuous attempts to innovate, sometimes on unknown and dangerous territory.

BMW does business globally and in several markets. SUVs with the X5, compact SUVs with the X3, convertibles with the Z4, efficient saloons with 3 Series and 5 series, and sports car with the Motorsport versions of the 3 and 5 Series all cater to different tastes and needs. Its cars offer both luxury and pleasure to the driver, its structure is solid and secure, and its pace unmatchable at the very top.

BMW are currently enjoying a lot of time in the environmental limelight, and deservedly so with production versions of the striking i8 plug-in hybrid and i3 pure-EV cars. These kind of cars evidence BMW’s desire to lead the way in terms of premium environmental vehicle ownership, and using environmentally friendly aluminum obtained using carbon-neutral hydroelectric power in the i3 is an example of their dedication. Furthermore, the company’s European fleet emits less that 150g/km carbon dioxide on average. Away from dazzling technological showcases, BMW’s engines are arguably the most efficient in the world. The Munich-based manufacturer has never made any secret of their desire to be the most sustainable company in the automotive industry.