Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions for payments. If you do not find the information you need please Contact Us and we will be glad to assist

In order to claim VAT exemption, the supplying dealer must send the unregistered vehicle to the company that has been chosen to adapt the vehicle. The company specialising in vehicle adaptation will then carry out the necessary adaptations and return the car to the dealer who can then register and sell the car to you minus the VAT. When you place an order for any new vehicle on our site, we recommend you state “VAT Exemption” in the Other Requirements section on our website.

In most cases, you will be responsible for locating a suitable adaptation company to carry out the necessary work and for the cost of work as well as transportation of the vehicle to the adaptation company and back to the dealership. The supplying dealer is likely to require a larger deposit to secure the order if adaptations to the vehicle are required.

We source the best offers that match your exact requirements. Once you have confirmed that you wish to proceed we will then pass your contact details to the quoting dealer who will contact you to order your new vehicle. The dealer will provide an order form confirming the full specification ordered and price.

The deposit is paid direct to the supplying dealer when you confirm your order with them. They will confirm the amount of deposit payable and methods by which they can accept payment.

This is an optional service. If our prices look appealing, we only charge the fee for introducing you to a supplier who can sell at our online price or better. By committing to the upfront fee our suppliers can squeeze their margins that little bit harder. In order to get the lowest possible price in the market suppliers need to know you are a genuine customer, ready to buy now.

The relevant supplier will provide you with the sales invoice; the contract of sale will be between you and the supplier (and AutoeBid will not be a party).

All payments you make are direct to the supplier, unless otherwise agreed by you. Our fee is paid to us by the Suppliers. The prices shown are the total amount for the vehicle including VAT, on the road costs, and our fee.

Group Buying Discount – As we group together buyers in real-time, we are able to negotiate better terms with suppliers for actual orders.

Best Price – The market is a competitive one and great prices can be achieved through a bit of haggling. You may not enjoy haggling – but we do!

Time Save – Think how long it would take to find and contact each of the suppliers individually! Here you post one requirement, and we will locate the suppliers for you.

Usually £500 - £1000 deposit is required to secure your order.

Dealers may request a higher amount for vehicles with unusual requirements or a large number of options. This will be advised when you confirm your order.