Why Choose us?

Since our launch in 2003, not only have we taken thousands of new car orders, saving our customers millions of pounds off UK RRP, but we have also won several government awards and have had universally favourable press coverage.

From time to time we now issue our own press releases to keep the media up-to-date with the constantly evolving services offered by AutoeBid.

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Power and Pageantry

"AutoeBid at the Geneva Motor Show"...read all

The best saving on New Cars

"You can pit car dealers against one another… One buyer recently saved £12,500"...read all


"Buying a new car on the net is growing in popularity. So what are the advantages and pitfalls"...read all

AutoeBid, featurered in Oxford University Lecture.

"You’ll find that the price you can pay for cars is considerably lower than at the car showroom"...read all

AutoeBid, specialists in the purchase of new cars.

"Sites like AutoeBid that are focused on new cars in theory should be able to drive sales"...read all

AutoeBid’s MD Amin Saleem featured on BB1 radio news

"What we’ve definitely seen is a growth in consumer confidence with buying new vehicles for cash."...read all

Round-up of weekly deals on offer from AutoeBid

"There’s up to £1735 to be saved on the Nissan Juke at AutoeBid, as well as savings on the British-built Qashqai and Audi A5."...read all

I saved £8,000 in an online bid

"Auction sites have proliferated since the credit crunch, but the key to netting yourself a good bargain is knowing the insider tricks of the trade.."...read all

Megane 250: £4,000 off

"Auto eBid guarantees you a maximum price on a car and then plays dealers off against each other."...read all

Surge in new buying option

"IT looks as though the UK car market may be driving out of recession at long last."...read all

Ten Best Auction Websites

"eBay’s size drives customers who want a specialised service towards niche sites where they can be with fellow enthusiasts."...read all

How to get your hands on some amazing bargains

"Given how over-priced the UK car market still is relative to those in Europe, you’d be mad not to give this a go if you are serious about buying a new car at the moment."...read all

Save thousands on auction sites

"Autoebid.com, the reverse-auction website for new cars, saves buyers an average of 24% – about £3,000 – from the list price."...read all

Eye on the web pays off for car auctions

"Here buyers state what they want to buy and it is the sellers who compete against each other to win the business, in the process driving down the price."...read all

Managing your finances/Buying a car

"I’ve used AutoeBid and was very happy. They organize a "reverse auction" between dealers trying to win your order"...read all

Profit from online auctions

"Auctions for cars, fine wine or even recovered loot are now open to anyone with a computer and an eye for a bargain"...read all

New online service set to save in part-exchange deals

"AutoeBid, the original reverse auction website, has expanded its award-winning service to offer private new car buyers the chance to secure a competitive price on their old vehicle by reaching over 700 dealers online to secure the best price"...read all

The company has grown from strength to strength

"The business model presented by AutoeBid clearly has potential for success"...read all

Find the greenest car, at the cheapest price – plus free offsets

"Autoebid.com is offering to offset 3 tonnes CO2 for every car bought through the ‘Greener Motoring’ section of its website, at no extra cost"...read all

Find the best deal online

"Dr Stephen Livingstone found buying a car online offered a considerable saving. “I was fortunate and had the car I wanted at 19 percent off the list price, delivered to my door"...read all

How to bag a bargain on the web

"Auteobid’s 'New Car Reverse Auction' helps buyers find cheap new cars, while enabling dealers to shift stocks quickly."...read all

AutoeBid featured on UK TV’s Channel 5 Fifth Gear Programme

"Vicki Butler-Henderson, of Fifth Gear presented the cheapest way to buy a new MG, quoting Auto eBid as the cheapest way to buy one"...read all

We spoke to several people, all were impressed with it

"A dealer who recently sold a car through their service recently told us, 'If someone had told me people would be willing to buy cars in this way a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. Now I think it’s how most vehicles will be purchased in the future."...read all

How to drive down the cost of motoring

"If you know the model you are interested in, you can compare prices online at www.autoebid.com. For example, you could save £2,200 off the £24,800 list price of a Subaru Impreza, a discount of nine per cent"...read all

Buyers rule in online auction

"A new online service, www.autoebid.com, allows buyers to choose the model they want and the price they are prepared to pay, and then sit back as suppliers from across the UK bid for the sales. Auto eBid claim that discounts average 10 per cent and can run as high as 30 per cent"...read all

Sellers to bid for your custom

"AuteoBid is a reverse auction in which dealers, brokers and supermarkets bid for your custom. All prospective buyers have to do is register the car they’re looking for and the price they’re prepared to pay with Auto eBid, then sit back and wait for the bidding to begin"...read all

Log on for bid savings

"A new internet car auction site puts buyers in the driving seat – by allowing them to dictate the terms of the deal, rather than suppliers"...read all

Force car dealers to fight for your order

"Avoid the likes of Swiss Toni if you buy with AutoeBid. The UK still has the most overpriced new cars market in Europe, so services like this are to be applauded."...read all