Mazda background and Mazda deals news

Mazda is a Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Hiroshima, Japan. Originally known as Toyo Kogyo Corporation, Mazda was among the first Japanese car makers to produce a motor car, with the Mazda- Go in 1931. Mazda put a major engineering effort into development of the Wankel rotary engine as a way of differentiating it from other Japanese auto companies. This effort to attract attention helped as Mazda rapidly began to export its.

In world car racing too it has not lagged behind and has seen considerable success. Its vehicles and engines compete in a variety of disciplines and races around the world. In 1991, a four-rotor Mazda 787B won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Le Mans win in 1991 followed a decade of class wins from other Mazda prototypes. The Japanese maker is also considered the most reliable finisher at Le Mans. Mazda sponsors various marathon and relay race events in Japan along with numerous other sporting and charity endeavors. It had been the league sponsor for the now-defunct Australian Rugby Championship. The flagship of the range is MX-5.This cheap and performing roadster has met a with noteworthy success wherever it has been sold, especially in Europe. A best-seller, it has recently received modifications in order to stay on top of its category. Mazda also makes hatchback, saloons and MPV with respectively the 2, 3 and 6, and 5.

Mazda has withheld hybrid and electric vehicles from the mass market in the pursuit of maximizing the efficiency of conventional, combustion engine vehicles. Mazda will, of course, eventually embrace electrification, but only after it has optimized base technologies, battery management technology and regenerative braking. Incredibly low compression ratios give the SkyActiv diesel engines remarkable fuel economy and with it emissions comparable with those of much smaller cars. The Mazda 6 saloon, for example, emits under 120g/km CO2. Mazda gearboxes have also been significantly reengineered to significantly reduce sight and weight. Vehicle bodies are also much lighter than before, with wider use of recyclable thermoplastics. In fact, Mazda is now capable of making vehicles, on a multi-platform production line, that are 99% recyclable.

Last year, Mazda sold 112,937 cars in the UK. This makes it the 19th best-selling manufacturer in the UK. Mazda are on-track to sell even more cars in 2016. The 3 is their most popular model, with at least 14,730 of them registered on UK roads. The Sport Nav trim has been chosen by lots of Mazda 3 buyers.