ALL NEWS > VOLKSWAGEN > POLO > 7th June 2012 - New Volkswagen Polo customers get Bluetooth kit boost
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The addition of standard Bluetooth hands-free phone connection kits on all models above S specification is expected to allow customers buying a new Volkswagen Polo get more value from their car.

From the BlueMotion up, all new Volkswagen Polos will now come fitted with the Touch Phone Kit, which was previously a £245 option.

The Touch Phone Kit adds a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen to the Polo’s dashboard thereby enabling the display of a phone book, call lists, reception status among other features, depending on the make and model of the phone to which it is connected.

The Touch Phone Kit also offers voice control of functions including dialling and answering, and can even ‘read’ out text messages and emails that are received. Two telephones may also be connected at the same time.

All new Volkswagen Polo models also now come with DAB digital radio as standard, giving customers a greater choice of radio stations to which to listen, and all models from Match trim up also come with an MDI multi-device interface, for seamless integration of portable music devices such as iPods.