A new government website that lets users find the entire MoT history of any registered vehicle has been launched.

Users can now visit the website, MOT-history.net, which is designed to make used car buying a clearer process, and receive information including the dates of all previous tests, MoT test number, mileage when tested, and whether the car passed the MoT or not.

The website is currently in its 'Beta' form and is still under development, but the news that users will be able to receive this information simply by entering the car make and registration number is sure to be welcomed by used car buyers.

One of the key features of the new website is that it will tell users what the reasons for failure were if the car has failed an MoT, by providing advisory notices such as corrosion, worn tyres or brake pads.

The website will also remind users when to next test the roadworthiness of their car by updating them on when their latest MoT certificate officially expires.

Users will also be able to see further details of any registered car, with the DVSA also developing another 'Beta' website that shows information including when the vehicle was first registered, it's CO2 emissions, tax band and when the next payment is due.

What are your thoughts on the launch of these new websites?

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