Brexit Passport Union Jack Mini

Car-buying website have brought forward the launch of their 'stock search tool' which gives customers access to 1000s of vehicles currently held as dealership vehicle stock - including pipeline, cancelled orders, pre-registered and ex-demo cars from many manufacturers.

Access ex-demo and dealer pipeline vehicles for up to 30% discount on new car price.

The tool can be found here: Pre-reg, Ex-demo and Stock Car Search and can save customers up to 30% off the list price.

Chris Greener, of, said: "Brexit had knocked 10% of the value of the pound this morning and leaves great uncertainty for EU car manufacturers with trade terms now requiring negotiation. We believe that list prices will increase significantly over the coming months to adjust for the new exchange rates, making now a great time to buy your next car.

"For those buying on finance the historic low interest rates may be hard to maintain, also causing a sharp increase in monthly payments. To defend the pound’s decline central banks typically have to raise interest rates.

"Our new search tool uses the latest technology to allow a natural language search, allowing search terms such as “Mercedes C220d SE Blue Navigation”. The search engine then checks stock for cars with that specification. We believe this is an exciting new tool that will revolutionise the way buyers find the exact car they want. will then use its market knowledge to get a great deal.

"We also have a number of cars that must be registered by the end of the month, while this is typical of quarter-ends, saving 10-30% on today’s list price may seem even better value once list prices rise later in the year.

"Any dealers not currently supplying us with stock please forward stock lists in excel format to Stock should not include used cars older than 6 months or with more than 5,000 miles or those on order but not currently built."

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