There are a number of features available when taking out a car insurance policy, but how many of them are really important?

That depends on your specific needs, as some may hold an enhanced, family-sizard courtesy car in higher regard than others, but some features can be more life saving than others.

Here we have picked out some of the most essential features to include in your car insurance policy when buying a car.

Repairs guaranteed

Any damage on the car will be carried out by the insurer's approved repairers. This feature can come in a 12-month guarantee.

The small print: Repairs that are carried out by someone other than the insurer's approved repairers won't be covered.

Personal belongings

Keeping your personal belongings safe from theft, an accident or fire whilst they are in your car should be at the top of your priorities when it comes to taking out a car insurance policy.

The small print: Money, credit or debit cards, tickets or stamps are rarely covered. Personal belongings stolen from an open or convertible car are also not covered, unless they are kept in a locked boot.

Car rescue cover

If your car has been immobilised following an accident, the insurance company will cover any cost of removing the vehicle from the scene of the accident.

The small print: If your car needs rescuing following an accident on private land, the insurer may not provide cover.

Protected no claims discount

This protects your no claims discount and ensures that you do not lose the discount after making a claim. Insurers may give you the choice of adding it to your policy or including it as standard, allowing up to two claims in a three-year period.

The small print: Insurers may limit the number of claims you are allowed to make within a certain period.

Loss or theft of keys

The insurer will pay towards the cost of replacing the keys to your car, ignition, alarm, immobiliser, steering lock or garage door opener and the associated locks if they are lost or stolen.

The small print: If your keys, lock transmitter or entry card are lost or stolen as a result of being left in or on the car at the time of the loss you won't be covered. The same goes for if they are taken without permission by a member of your immediate family or a person currently living in your home.

Windscreen cover

This means the insurer will repair or replace your windscreen following a loss or damage claim.

The small print: Windows and sunroofs may not be included, and if you decide to use a non-approved repairer your insurer company are able to limit the amount they will pay in the event of a claim.

Courtesy car

Your insurer will provide an alternative car if you are involved in an accident and your vehicle needs to be repaired. This cover can be available to add to your policy or include it as standard.

The small print: Cover may only be limited to a certain number of days. The courtesy car may only be made available to drive when the car is being repaired in the garage.

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Breakdown cover

Providing assistant if your car breaks down and is in need of repairs or a trip to the garage, breakdown cover could be added to your policy or included as standard. Make sure not to double up if you already have separate breakdown cover.

The small print: Often costs for replacement parts aren't covered.

Accident transport

The insurer will arrange for you and any passengers to be transported from the scene of an accident that causes your car to be immobilised.

The small print: Check how many passengers the insurers will limit transport to.

24-hour helpline

The insurance company will provide a 24-hour helpline that will deal with calls in the event of an emergency with the car.

The small print: None


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