Toyota is the main name in reliability, and this extends to their latest model, the 2016 Hilux. But should you buy one? We delve into the main features and specs of this motor to help you determine if it’s the right new car for you.

The Hilux is the latest offering in Japanese manufacturer Toyota’s light pickup range. Ever since its launch in 1968, the Hilux has been providing owners with the ultimate solution: offering practical and reliable transport wrapped up in a good-looking package. The 2016 model, launched in June, is no different, and through AutoeBid, you could get it at a great price with our car deals in the UK.

To date, Toyota have accumulated 16 million sales of the Hilux globally, and the model was the best-selling pickup truck in Europe last year. But what makes the Hilux so popular?

Quality, durability and reliability (QDR)

Toyota is renowned for its high quality. Cars that have a reputation for QDR are reliable and stand the test of time. The Hilux is incredibly versatile and perfect for work and leisure, and performs just as well off the road as on.

Their dedication to producing a reliable car is clear. While developing the 2016 model, chief engineer Hiroki Nakajima visited 110 countries to ask past and current Hilux drivers what they wanted in the new Hilux. It’s evidence of Toyota’s ongoing commitment to its loyal customers and proof that they’re dedicated to consistently providing a more efficient new car.

Still not convinced of Toyota’s reliability? Just last month, one gentleman hit the 1 million mile mark in his Toyota Tundra, the Hilux’s US relation. His reward? A brand new 2016 model. Now, Toyota’s engineers want the vehicle back, so they can test the parts and use their information to make future models even better.

The 2016 Hilux, now in its eighth incarnation, comes with a stronger chassis and enhanced 4x4 capabilities. This is part of its effort to “redefine toughness” – in Nakajima’s words – and it doesn’t disappoint. But Toyota’s focus isn’t just on making the car stronger and more durable. To Toyota, toughness doesn’t just come from the car, but the people inside. As much as the Hilux is focused on performance and ruggedness, it’s also more driver-focused than ever before.

Comfort on and off the road

The new ladder frame chassis is designed to improve handling, comfort and collision safety. Not only does this mean the Hilux is suitable for long drives on the road, but that it can provide an enjoyable drive on extreme terrain.

Increased fuel economy

All versions of the new Hilux feature a 2.4 litre D-4D engine returning low CO2 emissions, thanks to stop-start technology and a six-speed manual gearbox. This also delivers an improved fuel efficiency of nine per cent. It’s by no means a slow car, either, managing a 106 mph top speed and achieving 0-62 in 13.2 seconds.

Cost efficient

In addition to being fuel-efficient and featuring a diesel engine, which can save you money in the long run, Toyota claims that the cost of ownership of the Hilux is lower than its rivals. The price is already competitive, starting at £19,177 excluding VAT, but with a five-year/100,000 mile warranty and improved economy, the Hilux is a tempting prospect. Don’t forget, by buying with AutoeBid, you could shave £1,000s of the RRP with their new car offers!

The interior: plenty of variety

The 2016 Hilux comes in three different body styles: a two-seat single cab, four seat extra cab and five-seat double cab. The double cab sees most UK sales, due to its appeal to buyers who use their car for business and pleasure. The double cab also comes in the Invincible and Invincible X trims, offering luxurious leather seats. These allow you to customise your interior too, choosing from four finishes, including basic black or two-tone black with cushion inserts in grey, tan or red.

If you don’t want to opt for the most expensive option, the Hilux also comes in the entry-level Active trim and Icon specification. These trims feature Bluetooth, heated mirrors and air conditioning as standard, with Toyota Safety Sense as an optional extra. This provides several safety and assistance features, including a pre-collision system, auto-dipping headlights and recognition of road signs.

The exterior

The 2016 Hilux has gone in a new direction with its exterior. Gone is the sleek, slim-line look, and instead, Toyota has widened and lengthened the body of the car. This certainly provides a meaner, more rugged appearance, and complements the pickup’s ability to endure harsh conditions.

That being said, the Hilux is still an attractive car. The car may appear – and be – tough, but it’s also refined. The bonnet wraps over the front wheels arches to reinforce its dominance, as the Hilux has always been a dominant force in the pickup market. On the double-cab models, the cab roof has undergone a transformation to improve its styling. It now features a V shape in a ‘pagoda’ style that increases its aerodynamics by channelling air over the roof and down the sides of the car.

Are there any downsides?

Some testers of the new Hilux have stated that the steering is artificial and that the car can feel bumpy at lower speeds, but at high speeds, it feels smooth. While the interior of the Hilux is comfortable and luxurious – particularly in the Invincible trims – some of the materials aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as their rivals, designed for durability over style. Let’s not forget the main selling point of this pickup, however. While it can be used as a family or business car, it’s not built entirely for luxury, but for durability and reliability, both on and off the road.

While Toyota is currently winning the battle of the pickups, whether the Hilux is a solid replacement for an SUV is another matter. While their new model is heading more towards SUV territory, with its ride comfort and handling, the Hilux can’t offer a luggage compartment built into the main vehicle, offering total security.

So, should you buy a Hilux?

The Toyota Hilux is a practical car. It’s just as suited for everyday driving as it is for off-roading; it has even achieved podiums in the Dakar Rally, an off-road endurance event where competitors traverse terrain much tougher than that used in conventional rallying, such as mud, rocks and dunes.

The financial advantages to running a Hilux are clear, and there’s not a lot of competition, either, with no Land Rover Defender expected to appear for years. But what you’re really paying for when you opt for a Toyota Hilux, is a car iconic for its reliability and durability. The Hilux will take you anywhere with ease, and the fact that it’s now in its 8th generation should speak volumes of its popularity with owners. If you’re looking for a pickup, the Hilux should be on your list. Toyota keeps coming back, constantly making improvements and valuing the feedback they receive. The Hilux has a reputation for being indestructible. Perhaps it’s more apt to say that it’s Invincible.

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