When it comes to Halloween many associate the likes of spooky skeletons, pumpkins and creepy crawlies as the main components of the yearly celebration.

But there is something else that often plays a part in the hair-raising holiday. Cars have been at the forefront of many horror movies over the years, as the four-wheel often seem to either breakdown in the worst place possible, that's if they haven't been possessed by an evil spirit.

For those who are staying clear of the fake blood and face paints this year for a fright night, horror movie filled night in for Halloween, we've picked out our top five spine-chilling car-related films.

5. Jeepers Creepers

Driving along country roads is always a good sign that something considerably bad is going to happen. In this 2001 American horror, a young couple find themselves enjoying a drive through the Nebraska countryside, before an eerie rusty 1941 Chevy COE truck begins to follow them.

The sight of this truck is enough to make any driver wish they were in the comfort of busy public transport rather than stuck on an isolated road with only a cannibalistic killer accompanying you.

4. Final Destination

One of the many classic horror movie clichés is that cars always break down when you need them the most, i.e. when a masked murderer has been chasing you for the past two hours. However, in the first (2000) of the Final Destination franchise, which is famed for its gory killings of a group of people who 'cheated death', a car malfunction leads to one of the most shocking deaths.

When one of the group parks his car in the middle of a train track in an attempt to get speed up the inevitable, he suddenly changes his mind only for the doors to lock and his seatbelt locks. Right at the last minute he manages to escape, but the car is hit and bits of metal fall on to the track. One piece is flung towards another member of the group, and you can guess what the end result was.

3. Wolf Creek

Again, what gives with the sudden faulty cars? Although completely predictable with horror movies, the fact is cars can all of a sudden stop working, regardless of whether it's as you're on your way to work or when exploring a giant crater formed by a 50,000-ton meteorite in Australia's Wolf Creek National Park.

This 2005 Australian horror film sees two British tourists accept the help of a man who offers to tow them to his camp to repair the car. Bad move. What makes this film even creepier is when it is later revealed that Mick owns a large stock of cars.

2. Joy Ride

If you're sick of someone constantly blasting the radio in their car, we can recommend you make them watch this 2001 American mystery thriller. Following a cruel prank played through the radio on an unsuspecting truck driver (Rusty Nail), where two rogues pretend to be an attractive female and arrange to meet Nail in a hotel room.

Things take a deadly turn though, as the pair find themselves being followed by a revenge seeking truck that will plow through anything to get back at the troublecausers.

1. Christine

The ultimate thrill-seeker for car and horror film lovers. John Carpenter's 1983 film follows Arnold Cunningham, a nerdy teen who unknowingly purchases a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine.

Christine's story will hit home to those who remember their first car and its power to turn the shyest of people into outgoing roadsters. But that's where the similarities end, hopefully, as Christine is determined to destroy anyone that gets in her way. If there is one thing that car owners should take from this film it is that you should never give your vehicle a name.

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