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Date Launched 01/12/2013
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Disadvantages: Standard models are not very good for the environment. Also, probably a bit too functional for some buyers who have plenty to choose from in this range.

Summary: The Skoda Yeti is functional, with an interior cabin space that would withstand years and years of family use. This impressive SUV is also rugged off-road, with extra protection afforded underneath the vehicle and around its wheel archers. As you would expect from an Skoda, the Yeti is also super affordable with prices ranging from £17,000. That said, it is a bit square (figuratively and aesthetically), and might not appeal to all.

(16) AutoeBid customer SKODA YETI Reviews:
19-November-2015 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI 110 SE L 5d DSG)
4 stars. Early to tell, but car is quiet and comfortable on a run and light to drive around town. Well equipped too.

17-January-2015 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI Elegance 5d DSG)
l like the car very much , quiet comfortable etc. a pity there was no explanation for absence of the CD player and auto changer.

06-February-2013 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR [140] Elegance 4x4 5d)
Seems fine to me, no problems or quibbles to date. I'm looking for reliability, comfort and functionality - it seems to be delivering

03-November-2012 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI SE 5d)
At the moment it is difficult to fault it and i would rate it as 4 star.

04-June-2012 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR [140] Elegance 4x4 5d DSG)
Yeti has just arrived. Too early to rate yet.

30-April-2012 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR [140] Elegance 4x4 5d DSG)
Would give at least 4 1/2 stars. 4x4 2l dsg diesel great value when compared to similar. on the couple of snow days so far it handles like a dream! Smooth and comfortable to drive. Very versatile seating arrangements. Would strongly recommend.

08-January-2012 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR [140] Elegance 4x4 5d DSG)
I haven't long had delivery of the car but so far extremely pleased and would give the car a 4* rating

02-January-2012 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR SE Plus 4x4 5d)

30-November-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR [140] Elegance 4x4 5d)
not had the opportunity to drive it properly yet but like what I see.

05-November-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI Elegance 5d DSG)
So far I have found the Yeti to be excellent and a real pleasure To drive.very smooth ride andm very quiet.

16-September-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI SE 5d DSG)
Just couldn't be more satisfied runs smooth, quiet, good visability, plenty of room and storage, very versatile with the seating,and very impressed with the performancce of the 1.2tsi engine and glad that I purchased the DSG auto gearbox. At least 4. 1/2 star rating

17-August-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI SE 5d)
This is the best car by far for the price, VW have made the Skoda Yeti a car to beat.

20-July-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR S 4x4 5d)
Only had vehicle a couple of days but appears extremely sturdy and handles very well.Very quite engine for a diesal

19-June-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI Elegance 5d)
Very satisfied with the car. it's perfect for a small family and great value when compared to a lot of other vehicles.

20-April-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(2.0 TDI CR [140] SE 4x4 5d)
Having driven a Fabia for the last 10 years we went with a marque that we know well. have not been dissapointed with the Yeti after only 500 miles. The drving position is slightly cramped in the leg area for a 6 footer but otherwise very pleased.

04-January-2011 New SKODA YETI Deals(1.2 TSI SE 5d DSG)
First class car for the money. Out performs all relevant rivals as far as I can see. You'd pay many thousands more. Then price from auto eBid was good as well with about £2,000 saved on the RRP for this specification
New SKODA YETI Review:

First launched in 2009, the Skoda Yeti has been part of the crossover family since they were first conceived. The Yeti has, however, fallen slightly behind its rivals in terms of innovation and ideas, but it’s still practical, reliable and likeable as ever.

There’s a range of two wheel and four wheel drive models on offer, and all Yeti models are a decent drive. The underbody protection and extra protection provided on the wheel archers also means that the Yeti is deserving of its SUV (sport-utility vehicle) status. Unlike most rivals, you can confidently put the Yeti through its paces on a number of different terrains. The four-wheel drive model gives excellent traction at all times and won’t leave you stranded in a wet patch of turf, or as your ascending a difficult surface.

The interior remains basic, there is something adorable about it. It is rugged and can put up with pretty much anything a family can throw at it. The Yeti is also very intuitive to drive, from the dials to the location of control panel buttons. The massive amount of cabin space means that long journeys are a joy. The boot is also around 416-litres, extending to a huge 1580 capacity once the rear seats are folded down.

Look wise, the Yeti remains as square and earnest as usual, especially if you punt for the entry-level version of the vehicle. New car deals start around £17,000 for this range. The new Yeti Black edition is a little bit snazzier (just about), and the interior comes with some nice leather trimmings and intricate touches.

Engines range from those which give out 109bhp to 168bhp. As with most Skoda cars, the latter, bigger, 2.0 litre engine gives you more than you would expect, and is comparable to cars of higher price. The bestselling Yeti is the middle-of-the-range 2.0 litre diesel, which gives a 138bhp output and 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds. The DSG gearbox means that the ride is smooth and consistent. Considering the size of the Yeti, this model is relatively efficient, and runs at an average of 48mpg.

The more environmentally conscious buyers might opt for one of GreenLine model, which runs at 61mph. Although not all models of the Yeti are particularly good for the environment, the Roomster GreenLineo gives out an impressive 109 gkm CO2 and a potential bootspace of 1810 litres. Road tax starts is £30 a year and there are a number of other savings to be made from the stop-start system and technology which means that the tyres have lower rolling resistance.

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