The RS Q3 delivers charisma, attitude and excitement. Yes, you'll need to dig deep for the privilege, but given that many of its rivals can be specified to this price bracket while featuring way weedier powerplants, the money asked for the RS Q3 doesn't seem too preposterous. A sports SUV is the answer to a question few really ask, but once sampled it's hard to say no. The RS Q3 is part of a new generation of downsized examples of powerful SUVs that previously only came in supersized form. It's a car that has an inherent feeling of rightness about it. It won't be for everyone, but the lucky few will find an Audi that has a certain waspishness to its nature. You'd like one..

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The Audi Q3 at first looked to be a case of stretching a theme too far. The monster Q7 SUV has spawned the mid-sized Q5, but many thought that this was as small as Audi sports-utes would get. Wrong. The Q3 is a dinky little compact Crossover that offers the perceived advantages of a slightly higher-riding vehicle at a more modest price point (for an Audi). Although some may question the advantages of this car over the A3 premium family hatch on which it's based, the market took to the Q3 fairly readily and Audi fleshed the range out with further models. Here's what to look for when shopping for a used version..

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Quietly and inexorably, Audi tends to develop its models until there aren't too many valid reasons for not buying them. Somewhat counter to many expectations, it's not always a manufacturer that gets things 100 per cent right straight from launch, but it listens and learns and doesn't make the same mistakes twice. The Q3 has done reasonable business for Audi but some of its rivals have shown how far it's got to go to be the sector leader. This round of improvements makes it better value and a bit sharper to look at. Boosting the amount of standard equipment on offer is a solid sales tactic and prices haven't moved a great deal, despite Audi offering a good deal more car. Is it enough to put the Q3 where Ingolstadt demands? Maybe not right away, but we wouldn't bet against it getting there in the longer haul..

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