Attaching my Christmas Tree to the Car

It's happened - you've found the perfect tree! It's the right size, shape, colour . . . Heck, they even said it's the kind that doesn't lose the needles!

Now to get it home in one piece . . .

For those who've gone all out with a real, unboxed tree simply follow these steps to transport it on top of your car.

How to attach a Christmas tree to a car with a roof rack

  1. Make sure that the Christmas tree will definitely fit on top of your car before buying it as you may break the Highway Code if the tree is dangerously sticking out.
  2. If the tree hasn't already been netted then make sure it is covered in a netting as this will make it much more manageable when transporting it home.
  3. Avoid scratching your car by laying a blanket over the roof where the Christmas tree is going.
  4. Place the Christmas tree stump end at the front on top of your car. This way damage to the tree from wind will be prevented.
  5. Wrap some rope, or bungee cords for more security around the tree and attach these to the roof rack until the tree is firmly secure. If using bungee cords then attach the cords at opposite corners. Use several cords or ropes as this will hold the tighter than just a long one
  6. Before setting off back on the road give the tree a good pull to check if it is secured. If it is loose, simply attach another piece of rope or cord and check again.

How to attach a Christmas tree to car without a roof rack

  • Although it isn't advised to attach a Christmas tree to a car without a roof rack, there are alternatives.
  • If you absolutely must attach your Christmas tree to a car without a roof rack then repeat the previously mentioned process, but wrap the rope or cords around the tree, and through the car windows.

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