Healthy wiper blades allow for clear visibility when driving your car. Failure to to look after the blades can lead to built up rain, dirt and oil that puts you and other drivers at risk.

Wiper blades need to be replaced after a long period, but doing so without knowing how to properly carry out this task is not recommended.

Follow the simply guide on how to change your car's wiper blades below to avoid the potential risk of losing sight of what is ahead of you on the road.

1. First things first, check what size blades are needed for your vehicle. This information can be found in the owner's manual, or measure the wiper blades with a tape measure.

2. Now you know what size the wiper blades are you can begin to remove the old ones. Start the ignition and turn the wipers on, and turn them off when they are pointing upwards. This makes it easier to change them.

3. Begin to remove the wipers by pulling the arm back so that it lifts off the windscreen. Push the locking tab backwards to release and remove the old blade.

4. Now you are read to insert the new blade. Keep hold of the arm so that you can easily place the new blade into position. The blade is secure once you hear it click into place.

5. Make sure to slowly lower the arm back onto the windscreen so that it avoids scratching the glass.

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