SAF Approved status is awarded to companies who demonstrated a high standard of car finance understanding. It means you can be confident you are dealing with a knowledgeable and professional customer service team.

MotorPocket are proud to be SAF Approved following the successful completion of SAF competence tests. Passing these tests shows that the customer service team have demonstrated excellent knowledge of car finance, and staff members are therefore known as SAF experts.

MotorPocket Director Ros Greener also holds SAF Advanced status after gaining a distinction in the Certificate for Automotive Finance Specialists, an achievement only a select few have so far accomplished.

Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF) was introduced in 2007 by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) in a move to boost professionalism in motor dealerships and increase consumer confidence in car finance.

The SAF competence test determines staff knowledge of the available types of car finance and related regulations.

Staff are faced with 60 randomly-generated multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 60 minutes.

To ensure that staff keep up to date with their knowledge on car finance they must retake the test every 12 months.

SAF Approved status is awarded to companies where all the staff who deal directly with customers to receive expert information on car finance from MotorPocket customer service staff.

With the SAF advanced course staff are provided with an understanding of the legal and regulatory framework that underpins the motor finance market and was launched earlier this year with the IFS.

Got a question about car finance? Contact the SAF Approved MotorPocket customer service team or apply online.

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