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These days most suppliers are willing to offer a new car discount, however how can you tell if the deal you have is the best new car deal without spending hours or perhaps days calling hundreds of suppliers.

The answer is very simple, if the offer you have if cheaper than the Max Price found at AutoeBid, simply enter the lower price in Step 5 and put that to auction. If suppliers are able to beat that price by a minimum of £100 you proceed. If not, you know the deal you have is the best deal in the market, simple…

If you don’t have time to shop around simply agree to pay our Max Price and put that to auction. Only AutoeBid affectively gives clients cash back on new cars. Simply agree to pay the Max Price and you stand a good chance of not only achieving this price but over achieving it, possibly by hundreds or even thousands of pounds!

5 example New Car Deals over achiving the Max Price:



Max Price


Additional Saving

Total Saving

What would you spend the additional saving on?

Further details on how our NYOD Name Your Own Deal service works

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