Price: £22,000 (est), on sale from Late 2016

The Hyundai IONIQ is an advanced, alternative-fuel compact five-door hatchback that will be available with electric, plug-in petrol/electric hybrid, or petrol/electric hybrid powertrain.

This is the first car from any manufacturer to offer customers these three powertrain options in a single body type, and Hyundai are aiming to further please car buyers by offering a model that responds to rapidly changing customer lifestyles by 'breaking the mould for hybrid vehicles'.

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Competing with the electric vehicle market-dominating Toyota Prius, Hyundai have been working towards a class leading engine that could secure the IONIQ's place at the top.

Hyundai IONIQ © Hyundai

The IONIQ features a 40 per cent thermal efficiency petrol engine. This means that the 40 per cent of the total energy available in the fuel it consumes is converted into useful energy, such as moving your vehicle forward and not used on heat or sound.

The car will have great handling thanks to the positioning of the battery pack  low down in the structure, this optimizing the centre of gravity. This enables highly responsive, stable cornering.

Hyundai's independent rear suspension set-up makes for significantly better grip and ride with the IONIQ than that with most basic hatchbacks.

The new IONIQ has an aerodynamic design with features including a roof-mounted spoiler, lowered ride height and under-body cladding helping to smooth the car's airflow.

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The interior will include a digital instrument binnacle and a large centre touchscreen display.

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