Price: £25,000 (est), on sale from Late 2016

The Kia Niro is an all-new low emissions vehicle that represents a new concept from the Korean car, and marks the manufacturers first dedicated eco-car platform.

Labelled as a Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV), the Niro will maintain the practicality and appeal of a compact SUV, but Kia say it will also offer greater fuel economy.

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Focus behind the Niro's development was set on creating class-leading fuel economy. The Niro has a target CO2 emissions rating of under 90 g/km (combined, based on the New European Driving Cycle).

© Kia © Kia

Kia say that the car will achieve its ultra-low emissions levels and impressive fuel economy with a downsized hybrid powertrain. The manufacturer also says that the powertrain's combined power output and torque will be applied to the road through a highly-efficient six-speed double clutch transmission.

The platform underpinning the Niro has been engineered to accommodate this next-generation petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. Kia have announced that a plug-in hyrbrid powertrain is due to be added to the car's line up later in it's life cycle.

The Niro will have a new design, with the car's look made up of a sporty, aerodynamic body, subtly sculptured surfaces and styling details. Despite all that, the Niro is easily recognisable as a Kia with the company's 'tiger-nose' grille.

The size of the Niro is somewhere inbetween Kia's other models the Soul and Sportage, and is practical enough to fit four adults. It can expect to be competing closely with the most popular electric cars such as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Nissan Leaf.

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Details on what equipment and systems the Kia Niro will include have yet to be revealed, with more information expected to be announced throughout the year.

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