Back in the 70s it was was motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel grabbing the headlines and breaking his bones with his feats of derring-do. As the London 2012 Olympics looms on the horizon a long-jumper has been getting in on the act by vaulting over a line-up of Mini London 2012 Edition Models.

The man with the extremely long reach is England long jump champion JJ Jegede. This week at Potter's Field in London, he successfully vaulted over three Mini London 2012 cars -- a distance of around 6 metres. To put that in context, a top-class jumper might achieve 7-8 metres if conditions were favourable.

Of course JJ Jegede wasn't in the hunt for a medal here. But he did have the pressure of delivering a success story for the Mini London 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics. Bear in mind that there was no safety net!

In preparation for JJ's leap of faith, the run-up track and sandpit were raised to the same height as the roofs of the line-up of Mini London 2012 vehicles. After all, he is a long-jumper not a high-jumper.

JJ's (puntastic) take on his brave auto vs athlete feat was: "I've always wanted to demonstrate my ability in a fun way, so I jumped at the chance to perform an Evel Knievel-style display."

Mini UK is an official partner to Team GB through its affiliation with London 2012 partner BMW. It is also partner to the ParalympicsGB Team and hopes the association will prove inspirational to athletes across all disciplines.

There are limits, of course. I'm sure Mini UK would join me in saying that what JJ Jegede did comes with a great big "don't try this at home" warning.

Only (you guessed it) 2,012 of these limited edition Mini London 2012 vehicles will be built. Naturally they'll be themed in patriotic red, white and blue. Appropriately, the three cars used for JJ's jump were all fitted with JUMP! registration plates.

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