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The unique way to get the best price for your new car.


How it works

On our site, we show the Max Price. This price is as it sounds, it’s the most you will pay including our fees, delivery to your door, 12 months road tax and all other costs for a UK vehicle with a full UK warranty…

In addition, unlike any other service in the market, you could potentially save thousands more than the price you agreed to buy at…
To place an order simply follow steps 1-5 on our site, then the last stage is to pre- authorise our fee to make your order live. Remember that this is a "No Win, No Fee"* service, our fee is included in our Max Price & you are only committed to go ahead if, we achieve 100% of all your conditions (or better). This is a bit like when you check into a hotel where they swipe your card to make sure you have funds in place to pay for your stay.

Our suppliers offer better prices when a real deal is on the table and you have committed to purchase.

Every time you receive an offer it also gets emailed to you and you can ask any questions to each bidder, if require. At the end of the auction (and we recommend just 2 days to run the service) you selected the offer you prefer from one of our 5 Star suppliers, the supplier then contacts you and you pay them a small deposit by credit card and then the balance only once the vehicle has been delivered to you. Not before, making the entire process entirely safe and secure. We also actively seek out offers and large discounts from suppliers not registered with us and place any offers on a clients behalf to make sure you always get the best possible offers in the market.

You then take the vehicle to your local franchised dealer for servicing and warranty work.

It’s that simple to get the best deal in the market. No time wasting, No Hassle.

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Buyers beware – If you don’t purchase a new car through AutoeBid (read our blog)...

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* No Win, No Fee - Subject to our t's & c's

Why Auto eBid?

Our fee is included in our Max Price and is only charged at the end of an auction, if we acheive 100% of all your conditions (or better)

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Registered Suppliers:
Total Order Value**:

Our fee is included in our Max Price & you are only committed to go ahead if, we achieve 100% of all your conditions (or better)*

* No Fee - Subject to our t's & c's

** Total vehicle value (all orders)