Aston Martin background and Aston Martin deals news

Founded in 1913 by Bamford and Martin, Aston Martin easily won the hearts of people with a love for luxury cars of craftsmanlike beauty. But it has constantly faced financial pressure.

Starting production in 1915 following the end of the First World War, Aston Martin was saddled with financial difficulties which did not quite ease at the turn of the Second World War. Aston Martin moved from its original headquarters in London at Kensington to Feltham in Middlesex. 

Still fraught with financial issues, the company was eventually turned over to David Brown & Co which moved the company to Newport Pagnell for salvaging. 

Although much of its popularity can be credited to Bond movies that display the car’s pyrotechnics in high-thrill chase scenes, the car was inherently destined for success with the ultimate experience it provides to passengers and drivers.  

From being the favourite of British people like James Bond, works of the independent car manufacturer soon captured the attention of the world over with its artistry and uncompromised engineering innovation.

In 2018, the company sold 6441 units, up from 5098 the previous year, aided by the introduction of the new Vantage, among others. 

Below are some of the most popular and most desired Aston Martin models in the market:  

Vantage AMR 

The sporty silhouette of the Vantage AMR already gives hint on the thrilling experience that awaits.  

Enabled by a high powered 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8, the Aston Martin Vantage AMR cannot fail to achieve its purpose of overwhelming the senses with an extreme kind of adrenaline rush. Lighter than other Vantage units by 95 kilograms, the Vantage AMR impresses with an acceleration of 0-62 meters per hour (mph) in 3.6 seconds and a speed of up to 195 mph.

Pres for the Vantage AMR start at £149,995. At Autoebid, the Aston Martin Vantage have great discountsVantage AMR Hero are priced at £152,185 while the Vantage AMR 59 Edition can be purchased at £167,185. 


With a top speed of 208mph, the DB11 AMR is one of the world’s swiftest GT cars and the fastest model in Aston Martin’s current series production range. This is made possible thanks to its twin-turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 that now delivers 630bhp and a 0-62mph time of 3.7sec. 

DB11’s V8 and V12 twin-turbo engine choices, produce 503bhp and 630bhp respectively, both offer a combination of exceptional performance and improved efficiency. Intelligent cylinder bank activation makes it the cleanest, most fuel-efficient DB ever. The DB11 is configurable into a coupe, and volante or convertible.  

The DB11 range starts off with the V8-powered Coupe model which costs around $198,995. The AMR can cost you around $241,000. 

In some websites that offer discounts, you can have the DB11 Coupe 5.2V12 BiTurbo 639 StopStart EU6 AMR at £177,185 while the DB11 Coupe 5.2V12 BiTurbo 639 StopStart EU6 AMR Signature can be yours at £204,185. 

DBS Superleggera 

The Superleggera is powered by a mighty 715 bhp engine and has been upgraded in all areas to handle its phenomenal performance--- all this, while using only the finest, strongest lightweight materials. 

The DBS Superleggera includes Carbon Ceramic Brakes as standard, this braking system in conjunction with the new 21" forged wheels, further enhances the superlight nature of the car. All features in combination result in a 70kg weight saving over the DB11. 

Superleggera starts at $304,995. At Autoebid, the DBS Coupe 5.2V12 BiTurbo 715 StopStart EU6 Superleggera Auto8 is priced at £231,690; DBS Volante Convertible 5.2V12 BiTurbo 715 StopStart EU6 Superleggera Auto at £249,690; and the DBS Coupe 5.2V12 BiTurbo 715 StopStart EU6 Superleggera OHMSS at £302,197. 

Other Aston Martins that enthral with outstanding design and engineering are the Rapide and the Valkyrie

With V12 and a quad exhaust, the Rapide puts out 603PS and 630NM of torque. To help launch from 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds), the Rapide AMR has 21-inch wheels – a first for any Aston Martin – paired with ultra-high performance Michelin Super Sport tyres. 

As for the Valkyrie, this is Aston Martin’s first hypercar--exactly the first word that would likely come in mind to anyone that sees its carbon fiber bodywork. Patterned after F1 cars, Valkyrie merges all the high-end features that all Aston Martin cars have to offer, from design to performance. 

Although it seems Aston Martin might have exhausted all its might to give us a surprise and keep us in awe, Aston Martin has various concept cars in its pipeline which are envisioned to once again make the world head over heels over this luxury brand.  

These future concepts include the DBXpoised to be its first SUV ever; the Aston Martin Valhalla, a third hyper car following the Valkyrie; the Rapid E, an all-electric car on a V12 engine, the Vanquish Vision Concept, a mid-engine supercar; and the Volante Vision Concept, a flying autonomous hybrid-electric vehicle for urban and inter-city air travel, outlining Aston Martin’s exploration into air mobility.