Aston Martin background and Aston Martin deals news

Aston Martin sold 5,862 cars last year, making it the 38th most popular manufacturer in the UK. One of their top-selling models is the Vantage, with over 264 cars registered.

Created in 1913 by Lionel Martin, Aston Martin remains a truly unique global British brand that is admired not only because it is James Bond’s favourite but also because it is a class apart.

There are super cars galore but the Aston martin still retains its sophistication and class in 2016. Starting production in 1915, just after the First World War, its beginning was difficult. The Second World War didn’t see much change in luck for the company.

After being originally established in London at Kensington, Aston Martin moved towards Feltham in Middlesex.

However, there were financial problems putting the company in a perilous position but it was rescued by David Brown & Co who decided to move Aston Martin to Newport Pagnell.
Over the years, the Aston Martin brand has been well promoted in Bond movies, where the renowned 007 displaying his driving pyrotechnics in a high-thrill chase. The success of these films has always played an important part in the advertising of the brand worldwide.

Though publicity of this nature is always welcome, the Aston Martin brand sells by its name. Driving an Aston Martin is like being part of an experience you can only live by sitting behind the steering wheel.

The company has indeed produced some of the most exotic and enthusiastic cars ever. High-profile and powerful engines have always been the directive line of Aston Martin engineers turn simple designs into magic on wheels. The current Aston Martin model range is limited to desirable high performance cars, although in they past they produced a small city car, the Cygnet.