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Alfa Romeo UK is offering a qualified athletics coach the chance to drive a brand new sporty compact Alfa MiTo for a year in recognition of UKA’s 2010 Year of the Coach. Alfa is the official car supplier to UKA.

The ‘Cuore Sportivo’ (‘Sporting Heart’) Coach Award is open to all UKA Level 2 accredited coaches, who are invited to submit how they have best demonstrated passion, performance and pride in their role - the three core values at the heart of the Alfa Romeo brand.

The winner, judged by Alfa Romeo and UKA representatives, will be presented with an Alfa MiTo during the Aviva British Grand Prix at Crystal Palace Friday 13-Saturday 14 August.

Earlier this year, the UKA’s Strategic head of coaching and development, Kevin Tyler, announced 2010 as Year of the Coach.

The campaign seeks to recognise the expertise, hard work and key role that coaches play in bringing success to athletes across the country. UKA is also working closely alongside the Home Country Athletics Federations to highlight, reward and further develop coaching skills, including the launch of a dedicated coaching resource website – uCoach – as well as a restructured coach education programme.

Alfa Romeo, which celebrates its centenary this year, has been the ‘Official Car Supplier’ to UKA since 2006 and provides a fleet of vehicles to UKA coaches, staff and athletes, as well as a financial contribution to help support the UKA programme.

To date, the athlete reward scheme has awarded Alfa Romeo cars to medallists at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, plus an additional four cars to athletes on the UKA World Performance Programme, as part of a similar ‘Cuore Sportivo’ competition in May.

Current Alfa Romeo ambassadors include: Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, Lisa Dobriskey, Philips Idowu, Germaine Mason, Jenny Meadows, Christine Ohuruogu, Tom Parsons, Kelly Sotherton, Charlene Thomas, Chris Tomlinson and David Weir.

Brand communications manager at Alfa Romeo UK, Damien Dally, said: “As a company that invests a great deal of resources into achieving the highest standards of performance, we recognise the importance of rewarding people behind the scenes. We hope the ‘Cuore Sportivo’ Coach Award will help raise awareness of UKA’s commitment to coaching and the crucial role coaches play in the success of the sport.”

Lisa Matthews, commercial manager at UK Athletics, said: “We are grateful to Alfa Romeo for this latest show of support for UK Athletics. I’m sure many coaches will be incentivised by this great prize and we look forward to receiving some inspiring entries.”

Applications are open until 9 August and will be judged by representatives from Alfa Romeo and UKA representatives. To be eligible to win, coaches must be UKA Level 2 accredited and hold a valid CRB form.

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